Purchase Market Share Winners Revealed

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Discover which mortgage lenders have come out ahead in the competitive purchase market since the Federal Reserve first raised interest rates. Explore our in-depth data and analysis to make informed decisions as a private lender.

Fannie Mae posts Q2 Profit of $5B Despite Forecasts for an Economic Downturn

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This year, Fannie Mae's forecast predicts a 3.9% increase in home prices, despite an expected recession in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025. Private lenders can stay informed of the most recent mortgage industry news and insight from a top industry expert. Get the latest information and stay ahead of the curve.

HUD Budget: House vs Senate Divide

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House and Senate lawmakers have vastly different views on government spending, with HUD funding being targeted by the GOP. An impasse is potential with the divide so wide - find out what this could mean for private lenders.

Chime Enables Seamless Mortgage Experience with ChatGPT Integration

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Generative AI & ChatGPT technology combine to make real estate content creation easier & faster than ever: Discover how Chime Technologies of Phoenix, Arizona has advanced their platform to offer expedited content creation services for real estate marketing & communications.

Meet Our Inspiring Women of Influence in the Mortgage Industry!

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"This year's HousingWire Women of Influence list recognizes an extraordinary and influential group of women in the housing industry. This remarkable cohort has smashed barriers, surpassed all expectations, and created a legacy of success through their dedication, expertise and resolve to shape the housing sector for the better. Empowered by their vision, these professionals are making a remarkable difference in the industry today."

Real Estate Agents Should Prioritize Serving Their Community

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Agents can make a positive contribution to their local community by volunteering with organizations that provide assistance to the homeless, organize neighborhood cleanups, or spearhead education initiatives. Make a meaningful difference in your local community today and get involved!

Ex-Sprout Workers Safeguard $3.5M Compensation Pact

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This week, former workers of Sprout Mortgage took action in a New York court to ensure that a $3.5 million settlement for unpaid wages goes to its rightful recipients. Stay informed of the latest news in the mortgage industry with expert insights from our trusted team.

3 Steps to Increase Repeat & Referral Business

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1. Focus on relationships with clients 2. Develop powerful referral sources 3. Utilize native mobile marketing. Improve your repeat and referral business with 3 key steps: focus on customer relationships, create strong referral sources and embrace mobile marketing. Take action now and ensure your business success faster.

Pending Home Sales Rise in June, first Increase in 3 Months

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Pending Home Sales Recover in June: National Association of Realtors Report shows continued progress despite previous downturns. Gain insight from mortgage industry expert on how this affects private lenders in the housing market.

Aurora to Decide on Merger with Better.com

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This meta description for private lenders provides an overview of key industry news regarding Better lost's Q1 2023 losses and their current position as the 59th largest mortgage lender in the U.S. Get insight into how one of the biggest mortgage lenders is managing the current market conditions, and learn what it could mean for the industry at large.

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