CorporationGraystone Co. Acquires Direct Capital Corp.

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Discover how The Graystone Company successfully completed the acquisition of Direct Capital Investment Group through a reverse merger transaction, while gaining new financial services for their Florida-based clients. Get an inside look into the intricacies of this noteworthy transaction and the potential benefits that will be created.

Realtors Targeted with Lead Generation Kit by

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"Realtors can now out-maneuver Zillow with's Agent Tool Kit; find out how private lender industry professionals can make the most of this innovative listing platform for optimal success."

MIAC Resolves SEC Compliance Dispute

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For private lenders, learn the important details of a recently agreed upon settlement between the New York-based Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission due to multiple compliance failures. Insight into the details of the settlement to benefit private lenders.

, What It Means to Real Estate Flyhomes’ Acquisition of Home Sale Assured Explained.

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Flyhomes is revolutionizing the home buying experience with an innovative solution to reduce the stress and complexity of purchasing a new home. In a proactive move to provide even more assistance to buyers in the Proptech industry, Flyhomes is now the proud owner of Home Sale Assured, a "buy before you sell" platform to help homeowners with complicated transitions. Make your home purchase worry-free and explore Flyhomes and Home Sale Assured's reliable solutions today!

lending EPM Announces Strategy for Thriving in TPO Channel After Leaving Retail Lending

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EPM has transformed its mortgage industry operations to the TPO business, seeing incredible 400%+ growth. Many of the company's former retail loan officers have also moved to the wholesale side, demonstrating the success that EPM has achieved. Discover more details about the incredible transition at EPM.

Real Estate RE/MAX Proper Acquires All Nations Real Estate Brokerage

2023-09-06T14:14:19-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing|

This article offers insight into how Inland Empire-based real estate and mortgage broker, All Nations, joined RE/Max Proper, increasing their agent workforce by a massive 126. Learn how this move has enabled All Nations to offer an unparalleled level of service and expertise to its clients in the Inland Empire.

CFPB Backs HUD Counselors’ Cooperation with Mortgage Originators

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This meta description is 75 characters long. Learn how private lenders are partnering with counselors and originators to provide pre-purchase counseling and homeownership education – empowering better decisions and increased knowledge.

Real Estate Agents: Thriving in an AI-dominated Market

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Private lenders have a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize real estate finance, unlocking access to capital while helping to create a more flexible and equitable marketplace.

. Mortgage Interest Dips to Two-Decade Low

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Discover how the mortgage market is responding to the decrease in interest rates and why this shift may be beneficial for private lenders. Explore how the latest figures affect the industry and what opportunities arise from current trends.

MBA Appoints George Rogers to Lobby GOP Senators

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MBA appoints new VP to advocate for homeownership with Republican senators. This VP will focus on building controversial policy changes that strengthen the mortgage industry. Grow your business with the mortgage industry's latest expert-crafted lobbying strategies.

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