Guaranteed Rate Gains Sole Ownership of Premia Relocation Mortgage

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"Guaranteed Rate, a top 10 U.S. mortgage lender, has acquired full ownership of the Premia Relocation Mortgage business through its purchase of shares from Sirva. Get the full scoop on this major transition in the lending industry on our blog today!"

Fix-and-Flip Investors Fill Gaps in Housing Markets: Report

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New Western wanted to find out more about the motivations and strategies of these investors, known as ‘fix-and-flip’ investors. "Discover the motivations & strategies of 'fix-and-flip' investors with insights from survey results by real estate marketplace New Western. Learn how 80% of these investors are selling their single-family homes at or above asking prices after renovating them for habitability."

House Reps Pass Bill to Block Loan Level Price Adjustments

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"U.S. House bill passes with bipartisan support. Private lenders can discover what this means for their industry in this exclusive summary. Get the analysis and insights you need to stay informed."

GSEs Preserve Homeowners’ Equity with 60,000 Foreclosure Prevention Actions in Q1

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"Unlock homeownership possibilities: Discover the impact of GSEs in the conservatorship process, per the FHFA's latest report. Over 6.7 million Americans have now been aided in attaining a place they can call their own."

Fannie Mae Revises 2023 Single-Family Origination Forecast to $1.59 Trillion

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Forecast a Decline in Mortgage Volume: Fannie Mae forecasters anticipate an overall single-family mortgage volume of $1.90 trillion in 2024, a decrease from the previous prediction of $2.03 trillion. Get expert insight into why volume is expected to decline and what it means for private lenders.

Summit Suzy Lindblom, Arc Home COO, to Speak at HW Annual Summit

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This 155-character meta description focuses on the benefits of attending HW Annual: Connect with professionals in the housing economy, learn how to grow, innovate, and win market share, & be part of the capstone mortgage event. Connect with industry experts & experience the power of learning at the most comprehensive mortgage event.

in business Housing Market Reinvigorated Despite Unhealthy Conditions

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"The housing market is in trouble, according to the latest existing home sales numbers. One key gauge, Days on Market, is at a dangerously low level, suggesting a grim outlook. With no apparent end in sight, private lenders need to be aware of the current state of the market."

FHFA Bi-Merge Credit Transition Challenges ‘Immense’ – Housing Orgs Weigh In.

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"17 housing organizations are calling on the FHFA to grant more time for the bi-merge credit transition to address existing difficulties. Get the full story from a Mortgage Industry expert about the implications for private lenders."

Integration: SimpleNexus and Black Knight’s LOS Empower Connect

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The mortgage industry is moved forward with SimpleNexus and Empower integration. Stay informed and stay ahead with homebuying news & insights from the experts. Get the info you need to shape your homeownership journey with trusted mortgage insight from SimpleNexus and Empower.

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