5% Mortgage Rates Could Disrupt Housing Market

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Discover how to improve your rates and your financial standing with the latest report from Zillow. Homeowners with a mortgage rate over 5% are twice as likely to say they're planning to sell - find out how to avoid this outcome and secure your financial future with a better mortgage rate.

Summer Housing Market: Review & Analysis

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"We're seeing continued decreases in housing inventory and new housing listings nationwide. Private lenders need more listings before the fall season kicks off, to help potential homeowners find their dream home."

Real Estate Agents Should Prioritize Serving Their Community

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Agents can make a positive contribution to their local community by volunteering with organizations that provide assistance to the homeless, organize neighborhood cleanups, or spearhead education initiatives. Make a meaningful difference in your local community today and get involved!

Ex-Sprout Workers Safeguard $3.5M Compensation Pact

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This week, former workers of Sprout Mortgage took action in a New York court to ensure that a $3.5 million settlement for unpaid wages goes to its rightful recipients. Stay informed of the latest news in the mortgage industry with expert insights from our trusted team.

New Bank Rules Tighten Mortgage Lending Rules

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This meta title explains the potential impacts of a residential mortgage portfolio regulation proposal on the domestic banking industry. With this in mind, find out how private lenders could be affected by unanticipated changes to international standards. Discover the implications that this could have on trade groups and the wider economy.

Lenders Offer 1% Down Payment Assistance Programs: G-Rate Joins the List

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This meta description offers an engaging overview of G-Rate's new down payment assistance program for first-time homebuyers. This program is designed to provide extra help to those challenged by affordability issues to help them achieve their dream of homeownership. Learn how G-Rate is helping more people buy their first home.

Home Sales Dip 2.5%, But Have Outsized Share of Market

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Learn why this is great news for private lenders. Discover why the slowing of existing homes on the market is driving up demand for new homes--and why this is good news for private lenders. Learn why a two-decade low in homes coming on the market means increased business opportunities that can benefit private lenders everywhere.

, 2020 Home Prices Increase Steadily Throughout May 2020

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The housing market showed increasing promise in May, with buyers taking advantage of the dip in rates. With renewed demand, pressure on available inventory is increasing. Get the latest insights from one of the mortgage industry’s top experts and discover how this may impact home prices.

Q2 Net Income of $19M Report by Anywhere Real Estate

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"Private lenders face a challenging market as Anywhere Real Estate reports a 78% annual drop in net income. Gain insight on how the industry should react and prepare to ride out the storm while inventory remains limited."

CoreLogic Adds CAL FIRE Inspection Data to its Platform

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Discover ways CoreLogic can help homeowners with wildfire mitigation planning by incorporating PRC 4291 inspection data into their Wildfire Mitigation Score. Strengthen your wildfire defense to protect your home from wildfires with CoreLogic WFMS.

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