Maximizing Referral Success Through Real Estate Database Setup

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Learn how to create a steady flow of repeat and referral business in our Mortgage Industry Expert 12-month plan. Get past getting ready to get started mode andceive valuable tips on maximizing your database. Our plan is tailored to help private lenders get into action and make the most of their digital marketing!

FHFA Halts Credit Transition After Industry Worries

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"Increase your knowledge of the mortgage industry: Get the facts on the proposed update to credit score requirements from the FHFA! Explore the private lending implications of the proposed credit score requirements transformation and bi-merge model changes in a public comment period."

Letter From Lawyer Sheds Light on NAR Harassment Probe

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A top lawyer’s July letter suggests private lenders should beware of "creepy" and "disrespectful" behavior at the National Association of Realtors. An outside counsel's investigation has revealed a history of misconduct, bringing into question the NAR's ability to protect the interests of private lenders. Learn what action has been taken in this scandalous situation.

Homeownership Heats Up as Dream Becomes Reality

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Private lenders play an increasingly important role for borrowers. Understanding the market and its unique demands is essential to success. This summary provides private lenders with the knowledge needed to approach mortgages with confidence. This summary provides invaluable insight for private lenders navigating the mortgage market. A better understanding of the distinct demands of the market is essential for success. With the necessary knowledge, lenders can confidently approach any situation and successfully realize their borrowers' American Dreams.

Addendum or Modification Agreement: What’s the Difference?

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Discover the difference between a corrective addendum and a modification agreement—two tools private lenders can use to make changes after a loan is closed. Learn when and how to apply these methods to ensure the best result.

Mortgage Rates Stall Housing Market Above 7%.

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This week's mortgage rate of 7.12% promises savings for both current and new borrowers. Applications for mortgages, however, have sunk to a 28-year low. Take advantage of this opportunity and find the best rates to ensure your financial stability. Get expert mortgage help from an industry leader today.

See How Airbnb Could Generate Income from Your Home.

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Discover how Airbnb integration on is giving homeowners an innovative way to gain an insight into potential rental income. With this tool, users can access pricing estimates for their short-term rental properties to maximize their profits. Don't miss out on this useful new resource.

CFPB Backs HUD Counselors’ Cooperation with Mortgage Originators

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This meta description is 75 characters long. Learn how private lenders are partnering with counselors and originators to provide pre-purchase counseling and homeownership education – empowering better decisions and increased knowledge.

Real Estate Agents: Thriving in an AI-dominated Market

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Private lenders have a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize real estate finance, unlocking access to capital while helping to create a more flexible and equitable marketplace.

How Hot is the Housing Market? Three Insights to Gather

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Two home price indices suggest rising prices, while Northern MSAs are hot spots for investments and surpassing Southern markets. Invest in real estate & get ahead of the competition with insights from an experienced mortgage industry expert.

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