The CFPB Advisory Opinion: How Online Search Engine Ads May Benefit Mortgage & Financial Services Lenders

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"Stay ahead of the competition in the mortgage & financial services market. Learn how online search engine ads can bring lenders cost-effective advertising strategies, as outlined by the CFPB Advisory Opinion. Get your free guide today!"

Mortgage Forbearance Rate Climbs But Shows Improvement

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Mortgages provide a unique opportunity to make a sound investment. Despite the recent rise in forbearance rates, recent improvements point to a bright future. Learn more about this promising rate trend.

UWM Revives Conventional 1 Down Mortgage Loan Program

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Experience the difference with UWM's new Conventional 1 Down Program. Get all the benefits of homeownership with no money down, no PMI, and an easy-to-qualify loan. Get started today and own the dream tomorrow!

Mortgage Professionals Weigh In On the Outlook: Q2 2023 LendingPulse Survey Results

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Private lenders weigh-in on the mortgage industry outlook for Q2 2023. Find out what the latest survey results reveal about the current lending conditions and future trends. Real insights into the mortgage market and the factors influencing it, to help you make informed decisions for your investments.

Mortgage Rates and Application Volume Surge, Offering Uplift to Housing Market

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Mortgage rates are at historic lows and demand for financing surges! Take advantage of this golden opportunity and find out how you can inject uplift into the housing market. Apply now to get a competitive loan quote!

April Update in Private Lending: Where Are We Going?

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Several banks, including Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, were shut down by the FDIC in March, and pressure is being felt by many regional banks. The Federal Reserve Board increased interest rates by 25 basis points instead of the expected 50 basis point increase due to higher-than-expected jobs data and CPI index, which caused a relatively stable but volatile economy. Private lending rates are good, and capital aggregators are pricing around 6-7%, giving banking a run for their money. Balance sheet lenders are the real winners of this recession, but diversification of capital or preparing for scratch and dent are alternative strategies to prepare for Q3, Q4, and Q1 of 2024.

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: Expanding Access to Home Loans in Underserved Communities

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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are helping expand access to home loans in traditionally underserved communities - giving more people the opportunity to realize the American dream of homeownership. Learn how these programs are making a difference.

Private Lending at a Crossroads: Navigating Uncertainty

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"Need help navigating private lending uncertainty? Dive into the latest in private lending trends & discover ways to stabilize your investments. Get informed today!"

Mortgage Originators Persevere Despite Challenges

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Mortgage professionals and their clients persist, despite the current economic climate. Learn how originators and borrowers can find secure solutions and minimize risk. Helping the industry rebuild for a better future.

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