EPM Expands Wholesale Channel, Streamlines Retail Operations

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Atlanta-based EPM's Focus on Wholesale Channel: Discover How Private Lenders Benefit Despite Times of Economic Uncertainty. Get the Scoop on EPM's Decisions & How It Could Affect You Now.

Institutional SFR Market Ready for Upturn

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Get the private lender market scoop today. Discover what is driving the sudden surge in demand for private lenders in the first half of 2023. Learn how institutional buyers of SFR have been affected accordingly and what this means for the industry overall. Get the latest market insights today.

Recent Mortgages: 90% Purchase Loans

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"Are you a private lender looking for the latest news on purchase-loan originations? Black Knight's recent report shows that almost 90% of mortgage originated are purchase loans. Stay informed - read the report to understand current market trends."

Exploring How Home Prices Remain Resilient Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

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This detailed review analysis from an experienced mortgage expert reveals home prices are showing surprising strength despite predictions to the contrary. Private lenders can now get up-to-speed on the current housing market and find out why prices have steadied without crashing.

Mortgage Rates Decrease After Reaching Debt Ceiling Agreement

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"Mortgage rates dropped after the U.S. debt ceiling deal was reached, but remain significantly higher due to Fed plans being uncertain. Stay abreast of the top mortgage news from an industry expert and make sound financial decisions."

Efficient Mortgage Experience Enabled by Roostify Platform for Borrowers and Loan Officers

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CoreLogic’s increased technology offering accelerates consumer-lender interactions and enhances borrower satisfaction.

Cenlar FSB advances leadership in wholesale bank sector

2023-06-06T11:51:19-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing|

Discover how Cenlar FSB's leadership has changed its wholesale bank division with the promotion of two experienced industry experts. Learn what this move means for the mortgage industry and why you can rely on this trusted name in the industry.

UWM, Mid Valley Settle Mortgage Lawsuit

2023-06-06T08:55:23-07:00private mortgage loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Industry Expert Summarizes UWM's Lawsuit Against Mid Valley Funding: An unbiased analysis summarizing the varying perspectives around UWM's lawsuit against Mid Valley Funding, including charges of violating UWM's controversial ultimatum for sending loans to competitors Rocket Mortgage and Fairway Independent Mortgage. Get the full story to see how it affects the private lending industry.

New Home Loan Rules: State Laws & Title Company Resistance

2023-06-05T08:57:30-07:00private lender loan servicing|

Discover the benefits of expanding coverage for private lenders with endorsements to a title policy. Learn how State Regulations and Title Company Stubbornness may impact your options. Take the hassle out of obtaining unavailable endorsements with the help of an expert.

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