Mortgage Apps Fall as Rates Reach 7%

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The MBA's latest data reveals a decrease of 4.6% in mortgage loan applications for the week ending May 19, resulting in important implications for private lenders. Stay ahead of industry trends and prepare for the future with expert mortgage industry news.

Freddie Mac Enhances Automated Income Assessment with Paystub Analysis

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"Freddie Mac Enhances Automated Tool to Help Streamline the Mortgage Process. Gain insights into how a borrower's digital paystub data can now be included in the automated income assessment. Make sure the mortgage process goes smoothly - get all the info from Freddie Mac."

Blend Enhances Lending with Soft Credit Pulls

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Blend has launched a groundbreaking soft credit inquiry function that securely transmits requests to credit bureaus without the cost and paperwork of traditional methods. Private lenders now have a reliable answer to costly credit inquiry fees to better serve customers. Develop cutting-edge lending capabilities while maintaining customer privacy.

Despite Challenges, Mortgage Industry Builds Resilience

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MBA conference attendees: Get insights into choppy waters ahead for the residential mortgage industry from an industry expert. Analyze the current market trends and stay well informed of developments in this competitive field. Take away key takeaways to better prepare for success in mortgage finance.

Housing Construction Positive Despite Recession Projections

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Discover why market trends favor new construction to learn how private lenders can take advantage. Discover why the new home market is gaining traction and how private lenders can capitalize. Learn more about the latest market trends and Fannie Mae's ESR Group insights, and find out how to take advantage of a low housing inventory.

Rocket Launches Revolutionary 1% Down Home Loan Program

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The Rocket ONE+ product provides an alternative for private lenders looking to provide mortgages in an ever-changing market. This 1% down program is a great way to buy without breaking the bank, and can be a great fit for homebuyers. Get the details on this new opportunity to give your clients the loans they need.

to optimize the loan process. Guaranteed Rate Maximizes Loan Process efficiency with Gateless’ Smart Underwrite Solution.

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Gateless Smart Underwrite automates the underwriting process for private lenders, offering an in-depth credit decision in one simple platform. Achieve faster decision time, improved accuracy, and greater insight into borrower risk. Leverage Big Data & AI to make smarter underwriting decisions.

Incenter Introduces eMSR Exchange for Optimizing Co-Issuance

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"Connect with buyers and sellers of co-issue flow offerings online with Incenter's new eMSR Exchange marketplace! Get up-to-date, real-time pricing around the clock in a secure and reliable environment."

Homebuilders Taking Advantage of Low Housing Supply

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An April marked by limited existing home inventory saw an uptick in housing starts from new homebuilders. While representing a positive movement, the numbers were still 22% lower than they were a year prior. Private lenders should take note.

How Lender Bankruptcy Unfolded: Homepoint’s Post-Mortem

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Empower yourself with the facts about Homepoint's struggles—from its low capital, costly system, and foundational flaws in underwriting standards. Understand the issues to make informed decisions.

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