Demand Trends for Housing – Logan Mohtashami Explains Impact of Interest Rates on Home Supply and Demand

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"HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami appeared on CNBC to give insights into the state of the US housing market. Get an expert analysis on the private lending market and what the future may hold from an industry leader."

Bank Faces Hefty Lawsuit for Breaching Ad Contracts

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Private lending firm Better Home & Finance under fire from Meredith Operations Corp for violating advertising placement agreements. Learn how a $1.86 million lawsuit may affect private lending. Get informed with expert advice from the mortgage industry.

The Benefits of Investing in Texas Real Estate

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"Discover the cities with the biggest migration inflows and outflows in the United States according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Data. Learn which Texas cities come out on top, and uncover why Austin is an exception."

report Rent Increase of 3.3% in June: CoreLogic Report

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Single-family rental growth slows in June - Rent prices increased by 3.3% across the US, the smallest year-over-year change since Autumn 2020. Get the latest news on the US rental market from a Private Lender expert.

Making Homeownership More Accessible to Diverse Groups

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Easily learn useful facts about Black homeownership rate with the help of our expert mortgage industry insights. "Gain insight into Black homeownership rate and understand the disparities between white, Asian, and Black households with the help of our mortgage industry expertise. Learn the facts you need to know to make informed decisions with useful industry insights from our experts."

Mortgage Market on Upward Trend as Fed Chair Powell Predicts Rebound

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An experienced mortgage professional offers insights on Federal Housing Market insights. Fed Chair Jerome Powell reports a rise in the housing market and continued caution regarding future rate decisions. Get the inside scoop and gain actionable insight to make the best decisions.

Fannie Mae: Home Sales Won’t Rebound in 2024 Despite Soft Landing

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"Fannie Mae's forecast shows that in spite of the possibility of a soft landing, home sales in 2023 are predicted to stay on par with levels experienced in 2009. 2024 is expected to herald a slight improvement. Get the insight you need to make informed decisions about private lending."

Home Sales Continue to Climb Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

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Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership Despite Rising Rates: Private lenders can help build the dream of home ownership even in today's uncertain market with higher mortgage rates. Home buyers and builders alike are finding success in meeting their goals through the innovative programs offered by private lenders. Let new home ownership become your reality now.

Assessing Damage of Hawaii’s Lahaina Wildfire

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This expert summary from an industry veteran explains the financial impact of the recent damage in Lahaina, and examines the current analysis of the $450 million in rebuilding costs for residential structures. Tune in for the latest insights and analysis related to private lenders.

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