Owning a Home Not Cost-Effective in Select Housing Markets.

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Learn the market trends & how it affects private lenders. Learn the impact of the housing market on private lenders. In April, monthly premiums for owning a home reached $1,030 per month, up from $884 per month at the same time in 2018. John Burns Research & Consulting reveals market trends & how it affects private lenders. Get the info you need to make informed investment decisions.

to the upside Surge in Purchase Apps Boosts Housing Market Expectations

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Mortgage rates near 7% last week didn't stop purchase applications from achieving an 8% week-to-week gain. Learn why the private mortgage industry is experiencing stable demand despite rising rates.

Guild Mortgage Rolls Out 1% Down Payment Option

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Guild Mortgage is helping buyers with down payment assistance. Get the competitive edge needed to secure a home in today's competitive market. Receive help covering down payments and closing costs with Guild Mortgage's programs. Find access to more opportunities in home-ownership.

Housing Market: Inventory Falls Short of Expectations

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High housing inventory levels remain one of the top concerns for private lenders. Last week's housing inventory only grew by 6,722, after a dramatic decrease the week prior due to the holiday. Expert insights on market conditions and the effect for private lenders.

Mortgage Payments Decreased While Income Increased in May

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Learn how private lenders are responding to higher mortgage rates with an average payment of $2,331 a month - up 20% from the previous year. Get expert advice on how to maximize your mortgage savings and benefit from still competitive rates.

Mortgage Rates Decrease After Reaching Debt Ceiling Agreement

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"Mortgage rates dropped after the U.S. debt ceiling deal was reached, but remain significantly higher due to Fed plans being uncertain. Stay abreast of the top mortgage news from an industry expert and make sound financial decisions."

GSE Freedom: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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David Stevens explores the urgency of the GSEs’ return to their rightful place in the mortgage industry. He discusses why immediate action is needed to ensure a secure future for all stakeholders in the US housing market.

Rocket Mortgage Hires Local Loan Officers, Exploring New Strategies

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Rocket Mortgage is on the hunt for local loan officers to join their team during a period of heavy reliance on the purchase market. Gain knowledge to guide clients through the complex mortgage process. Join a reputable company and become a true expert in the field.

Homebuyers Fuel Market Despite Limited Supply

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Latest Beige Book Report Offers Insight on Private-Lender Market: Get the lowdown on inventory availability, buyer demand, and their impact on private lenders from the most recent Beige Book report. Find out how the current lending market is affecting lenders nationwide.

ESSA Bank Agrees to Settle DOJ’s Redlining Allegations for $3M

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"Private lenders need to be aware of the recent settlement involving DOJ and ESSA regarding alleged redlining practices. Learn more about the case and what it means for lenders without any bias from ESSA."

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