Lenders Prioritize Cost-Cutting: Fannie Mae Analysis

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An in-depth survey of private lenders reveals pessimism about the US economy. 73% of surveyed lenders are convinced that national economic conditions are heading in the wrong direction. Learn more about the lending outlook and what it means for American households.

South’s Growth Built to Last: Insights from Real Estate Data

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"As the New South expands, explore the question of sustainability and the potential for a new reality - devoid of the same issues of the past. Get a glimpse of the possibilities and realities of the developing areas from an industry expert."

CRMLS Launches REcenterhub Dashboard for Mortgage Professionals

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Discover the revolution in California real estate with REcenterhub. Shake up the market with powerful real estate insights and analytics tools that let you stay a step ahead in your business. Explore now to maximize opportunities with California Regional MLS.

Real Estate Leaders Recommended Reading List

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Leaders Get Inspired: Get Ready to Succeed Like an Expert by Exploring What Real Estate Pros Read For Motivation. Join the BrokerPulse Survey to Unlock Insight on Leadership & Motivation Books Recommended by Industry Pros.

ICE & Black Knight Partner With Constellation, Saving Optimal Blue Merger

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"Learn about how Black Knight’s Optimal Blue business has been sold to Constellation Software to help save the company’s merger deal. Get the latest updates and insights from a mortgage industry expert on the implications of this major business transaction for private lenders."

Seattle-area residents lost billions in wealth due to racist housing policies: Study

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This expert report examines the policies that have depressed wealth for people of color pre-1889 and proposes new strategies for private lenders to consider. Learn the history of these predicaments through an in-depth analysis of the socioeconomic disparities and how to move forward.

Mortgage Veteran Sales Execs Leave Movement Mortgage

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This meta description is for those seeking to stay informed about the competitive mortgage landscape. Learn how three veteran sales executives left Movement Mortgage to join Summit Funding, making waves in the private lender market. Stay up-to-date on the movements of the industry.

CrossCountry Launches Role to Increase Access to Affordable Housing

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CrossCountry Mortgage is helping to expand affordable housing options with their newly created Senior Vice President of Housing Initiatives. This newly designed role allows them to increase access to housing, allowing more people to become homeowners. Get the facts on how they are changing the real estate market.

Refinancing Active in Select Housing Markets

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Discover new insights in the US mortgage industry. Learn how purchase mortgages dominate the market with almost 90% of locks nationally in June, while refinances accounted for less than 20% in some metros; knowledge straight from Black Knight. Make informed decisions based on the latest mortgage stats.

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