& COVID-19 Lenders: Navigating Wholesale During COVID-19

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This expert article provides an insightful look into how the wholesale lending industry has impacted the mortgage ecosystem and what role it plays today. Learn how UWM's Chief Growth Officer Desmond Smith is improving the space and what opportunities are available for private lenders.

Executives to Depart loanDepot Amid Business Consolidation

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"LoanDepot is undergoing special changes with the financial sector. With CFO Patrick Flanagan departing and being replaced by David Hayes (from CoreLogic), plus the exit of three others- these changes promise to shake up the private lender market. Get the full story on the transformation now!"

How Holiday Shopping Impacts the Housing Market

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"Last week, housing inventory growth experienced a noticeable slowdown. As an experienced mortgage industry expert, I'm hoping this reduction in inventory was just due to the holiday week and isn't the start of a long-term trend. Understand the changing dynamics in the private lending market with insight from the expert."

and mortgage rates Mortgage Rates Uncertain Following May Jobs Report

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Achieve success in the mortgage industry with up-to-date job growth insights: Discover the 339,000 jobs that were added in May compared to the previous month and why economists were surprised. Get your news from a mortgage industry expert.

FHA Proposes New Partial Claim Option

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Learn about the proposed partial claim option from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), allowing lenders to provide assistance and avoid foreclosure on mortgages. See how lenders can now offer resources to struggling borrowers, while protecting their assets and minimising losses. Get the facts today.

Rent Reporting Platform Boom Secures $4.5M in Seed Funding

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New fintech app, Rent Reporting Boom, makes it easier than ever for landlords to track and report rent payments. With $4.5 million in seed stage funding, the app's users will have access to improved user experience, expanded product offerings, and more market reach. Make tracking and reporting your rent a breeze with Rent Reporting Boom.

in August FHFA House Price Index reaches peak in August

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Explore the Market & Real Estate Impact as FHFA Index Hits All-Time High: Get the inside scoop on the latest housing news and what it means for private lenders. Discover why active listings remain low while demand remains steady. Get the facts now!

Home price increases outpace mortgage rate increases in March.

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"March saw home prices rise month-over-month for the second consecutive month, and Miami, Tampa and Charlotte were at the forefront of the trend. Private lenders should take note of this positive trend as it indicates the strength of the U.S. housing market."

Securing Mortgages in Challenging Markets: Negotiation Strategies

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The domestic economy is showing positive momentum thanks to strong employment figures and persistent inflation. Despite this, the Federal Reserve looks set to continue tightening policy and raising interest rates. Additionally, recent news about prominent banking failures may lead to a decrease in availability [...]

Despite Challenges, Mortgage Industry Builds Resilience

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MBA conference attendees: Get insights into choppy waters ahead for the residential mortgage industry from an industry expert. Analyze the current market trends and stay well informed of developments in this competitive field. Take away key takeaways to better prepare for success in mortgage finance.

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