US West Coast Home Prices Drop in May: CoreLogic

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Discover how the U.S. single-family housing market is slowing in growth for the 12th consecutive month due to the CoreLogic Home Price Index. Learn why the yearly home price increase dropped to 1.4% and what the implications are for private lenders.

Real Estate Agent Overload: A Growing Concern

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Too often, private lenders make it difficult, if not impossible, for industry professionals to do their job properly. That's why you should trust LenderX for all your loan needs. Their tools make loan approvals faster, smoother, and far more profitable for everyone involved. That's the LenderX difference.

US Rent Prices Fall as Inflation Hits 2-Year Low

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"Understand the direction of recent labor market developments. Read expert analysis of the Federal Reserve's likely course, from private lenders' point of view, in this crucial analysis piece."

Candor unveils prod. feature enhancing loan data accuracy.

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Candor Technology announced its latest innovation - Candor Pre-Check - this week. This mortgage AI technology gives lenders an opportunity to reduce the risk associated with mortgage pre-qualification. Get an overview of this new feature and discover how it can help your business.

in the mortgage industry Grow Your Career with LinkedIn in the Mortgage Industry

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Video is the perfect way to present your industry expertise. With this thought-provoking video, you can showcase your knowledge, demonstrate your skills and business acumen, and give an insight into the value that you can bring to any potential employers. Get creative and let your professional profile shine!

mortgage rates Mortgage Rates Fall Following Housing Market Inventory Shocks

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Discover how the US housing market is in a savagely unhealthy state: weekly active and new listings were down across the board from the week before and the year prior. Learn more about the concerning effects of the current private loan market.

FTC Delays Decision on ICE-Black Knight Merger

2023-07-05T13:31:03-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing|

The FTC has requested a ruling on a preliminary injunction to halt the acquisition of Black Knight by ICE. Get the latest legal updates and implications for the mortgage industry from a mortgage industry expert. Learn how the latest ruling may impact private lenders.

Developing Housing Strategies for the Future

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An annual mortgage event that connects industry pros from the housing market to share ideas, innovate & increase market share. Gain industry insights & networking opportunities from experts to help grow & stay ahead of the competition.

CHLA Applauds Bill to Tackle Mortgage Trigger Leads

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This meta description creates a concise overview of the news regarding the CHLA's letter in support of Mortgage Trigger Leads regulation, while also suggesting some revisions. Get the full story on the potential changes to the mortgage industry from an industry expert.

LoanDepot takes legal action against Movement for unauthorized recruitment of loan officers.

2023-06-30T05:00:07-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private lender servicing|

"LoanDepot accuses Movement Mortgage of damaging its business by 'effectively crippling' its 'now-depleted' branches. Discover the full story and the implications for the mortgage industry from mortgage experts."

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