Go Mortgage Sues Ex Capital Markets Dir for Corporate Sabotage

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Former Capital Markets Director Sued for Costly "Corporate Sabotage" by Private Lender Go Mortgage. Details of the lawsuit alleging egregious acts of deception that cost the lender millions of dollars. Learn more now about this shocking case.

Settle Real Estate Commission Disputes Effectively

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"If you're in the mortgage industry involved in a commission dispute, take your time to think through before deciding on any action. Make sure you know your rights, as just being aware could help prevent costly mistakes in the slow market."

in response to COVID-19 US Bank Lays Off Mortgage Employees Amid COVID-19 Crisis.

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"Learn more about the staffing changes U.S. Bank, one of the nation's leading mortgage lenders, is undergoing. Get the facts on how this shift affects the future of mortgage finance and what it could mean for you."

Real Estate Market Sees Soft Landing: What’s Ahead?

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This summary describes various strategies and techniques private lenders can pursue for a gentle transition which won't result in a crash or bubble burst. A gentle landing is possible for private lenders. Discover various strategies and techniques to ensure a smooth transition that avoids the harm of a market crash or bubble burst. Get expert advice on how to navigate a financially stable exit from the cycle.

Real Estate Leaders Recommended Reading List

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Leaders Get Inspired: Get Ready to Succeed Like an Expert by Exploring What Real Estate Pros Read For Motivation. Join the BrokerPulse Survey to Unlock Insight on Leadership & Motivation Books Recommended by Industry Pros.

Mortgage to offer expert insight on current mortgage trendsCompass Mortgage Welcomes Experienced Mortgage Pro Mark McLaughlin to Weigh In on Industry Trends.

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The executive shake-ups in the mortgage industry are continuing this week, with Compass announcing that Mark McLaughlin will be returning to the company to take on the position of Chief Real Estate Strategist. The new role comes after Compass purchased McLaughlin's former firm, Pacific [...]

Mortgage Rates Falling: A Look at the Housing Market.

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Mortgage rates fell to multi-month lows last week, providing relief to homeowners and purchasers as the 10-year yield hit a key level and reversed course. Discover the latest news and implications for the private mortgage lending market.

U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases in Early 2023

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Discover how foreclosure filings soared in the first half of 2023 and how this affected the US housing market. Learn more about the effects this high rate of defaults had on private US lenders and the overall US economy.

CFPB Supports Maine Mortgage Borrowers in TILA Lawsuit

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CFPB challenges private lender's interpretation of TILA: Find out why the Federal Bureau of consumer protection filed an amicus brief against the lender in a Maine court, and why it's important for borrowers considering private mortgages.

Dems Propose ‘Stop Predatory Investing Act’ in US Senate

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Explore the implications of this proposed legislation for those in the mortgage industry. Discover how possible changes in tax breaks for companies buying homes could impact the mortgage industry and the implications of the proposed bill affecting large investors. Gain crucial insight for navigating the proposed legislation.

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