Foreigners Purchased $53B in US Existing Home Sales, Down 10%

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With historically low mortgage rates attributed to the purchase of U.S. existing homes, foreign buyers took advantage in 2021, investing $53.3B in real estate. Analyzing data from Apr - Mar, transactions were down 9.6% from the prior year. See the full report to learn more.

Unlocking Homeownership: The Value of Homeownership.

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Discover financial thought leadership, innovative product strategy, and more. Uncover the Women of Influence and marketing leaders who are leading the housing industry. Inside the latest issue of HousingWire Magazine, find out which experts are revolutionizing the industry with financial thought leadership and creative product strategies. Get ahead of the curve and see what other groundbreaking initiatives these Private Lender innovators are planning.

Lenders Tighten Credit Rules, Lower Demand for Mortgages & HELOCs.

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" US banks restricted their loan emittance for mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) during Q2 of this year as a result of regional bank failures and increases in interest rates. Discover why these lenders have tightened their policies to help borrowers assess their options."

JPMorgan to Purchase Nearly $2B of Mortgages from PacWest Deal

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Discover how JPMorgan Chase is partnering with private lenders to buy $1.8 Billion of residential loans with potential savings for these lenders. Learn about this innovative agreement and why it could bring significant benefits for private lenders.

Real Estate Agents Expected to Rebound Strongly

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Discover the results of AceableAgent's survey to find out whether now is the right time to be in the real estate industry and what strategies agents should be pursuing to succeed. Learn what successful agents do differently and gain insight to optimize your career!

3 Steps to Increase Repeat & Referral Business

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1. Focus on relationships with clients 2. Develop powerful referral sources 3. Utilize native mobile marketing. Improve your repeat and referral business with 3 key steps: focus on customer relationships, create strong referral sources and embrace mobile marketing. Take action now and ensure your business success faster.

FHFA Urged to Exercise Caution in Credit Score Reporting Changes

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"Stay updated on the latest news in the private lending mortgage industry. Get your synopsis from an experienced mortgage industry expert. Explore how the slower implementation of new regulations by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) could benefit stakeholders."

Fed Raises Rates in Positive Economic Climate

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This meta description provides an overview of the Federal Reserve's decision to raise the federal funds rate to the highest level in two decades. Expert analysis from a mortgage industry professional explains the potential implications for private lenders. Get informed on this major policy shift and how it may affect you.

defending challenge to Quicken’s ‘disparate impact’ theory NAR Responds to DOJ’s Challenge to Quicken’s Disparate Impact Theory

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This industry-expert summary concisely explains the NAR Reply Brief's claims to the DOJ, which assert that the government's arguments would cause legal instability. Learn what arguments the Reply Brief offers and why this could be a game changer for private lenders.

Mr. Cooper’s Q2 Servicing Business Profit soars to $142M

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An innovative mortgage provider, Mr. Cooper, reports dramatic increase in income from first quarter of 2021. Learn more about their financial success story and see what others in the industry are saying.

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