Dave Liniger delves into artificial intelligence and its impact on the real estate sector

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Stay informed on the latest trends in the mortgage industry with insights from RE/MAX co-founder Dave Liniger on the impact of AI tools in housing.

Guild Mortgage introduces its new in-house artificial intelligence system

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Guild Mortgage in San Diego implements artificial intelligence to enhance operations, showcasing a forward-thinking approach in the mortgage industry.

FHFA Confirms Resolution of All Technical Outage Problems

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Stay informed on the latest developments in the housing industry. FHA Connection and other systems are recovering from a recent tech outage.

Significant Increase in Housing Inventory Compared to Previous Year

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Discover the latest trends in housing inventory growth that private lenders need to know about. Stay informed with expert analysis and insights.

Successes and Failures in Real Estate for the Week of July 15-19

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Stay up to date with the latest industry news! Presidential plea for rent control, Calif. realtors under investigation, and viral video hit. Read more here.

Construction Financing’s Secondary Market Boosts Multifamily Development

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Discover how a dedicated secondary market for construction financing could impact the U.S. housing shortage in a recent report from the Center for Public Enterprise.

Logan Mohtashami discusses increase in housing inventory levels on CNBC

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Discover key insights into the latest housing data in the mortgage industry from HousingWire's lead analyst Logan Mohtashami on CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange."

Learning from Zink Capital’s US expansion: Navigating a new network

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Learn how Zink navigated challenges and found success in the U.S. real estate market through strategic planning and community building.

Move seeks court order to prevent CoStar from accessing potentially stolen files

2024-07-19T04:58:26-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Stay informed on the latest developments in the ongoing legal battle between Move Inc. and CoStar Group, involving Realtor.com and Homes.com.

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