Tips for effectively managing difficult situations in real estate crisis

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Learn effective crisis management strategies to handle difficult situations in the mortgage industry. Gain insights for private lenders to overcome challenges.

Pennymac introduces innovative home equity loan solution for broker partners.

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Discover a new home equity loan product by Pennymac TPO. Learn about the expanding tappable home equity market and its potential for private lenders.

October Sees 4.7% Rise in Home Prices, CoreLogic Reports

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Get insights into the mortgage industry news as CoreLogic foresees a decrease in annual home price growth to 2.9% by October 2024. Learn more here.

Using technology to mitigate repurchase risk for mortgage lenders.

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As technology adoption speeds up, advanced systems will serve as essential support for sustained housing market expansion, appealing to private lenders. presents projected leading housing markets for 2024.

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Find out the top housing markets for 2024 and how home buyers can benefit from lower prices, as analyzed by Chief Economist Danielle Hale.

Fewer Buyers Willing to Delay for Home Price and Mortgage Rate Drops, Survey Finds

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Discover why current homeowners are more willing to sell if their dream home becomes available, in the latest real estate news survey.

Unveiling the Essential Principles for Real Estate Triumph

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Summary: Expertly navigating the mortgage industry, Troy Palmquist emphasizes the significance of balance between generosity and discernment for private lenders, fostering fulfillment and success in both work and life.

Chopra Addresses Mortgage Issues in House Oversight Hearing, says CFPB Expert

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As an industry expert, I summarize news on mortgage-related topics. Private lenders will find this non-salesy meta description intriguing: CFPB Director Rohit Chopra addresses mortgage-related concerns during House questioning. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

Fidelity affirms containment of cybersecurity attack, yet lingering queries persist

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"Fidelity reveals successful containment of cybersecurity attack and addresses potential customer data concerns in recent incident. Stay informed."

Realty Executives in Tennessee Welcomes High-Performing Family of Agents

2023-11-29T14:36:26-08:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage servicing|

The Levenson family, renowned for founding RE/MAX Preferred Properties, partners with Knoxville-based Realty Executives, attracting private lenders' attention.

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