Mortgage Demand Increases

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Mortgage applications for home purchases and refinances increased in the first five weeks after months of decline, but remain at low rates. Get the latest on how quantity & quality of mortgage applications affect the housing market from an industry expert.

Flat-Fee vs. Traditional Real Estate Brokerage – Who Wins?

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An experienced Mortgage Industry Expert provides private lenders with summaries of real estate news. Learn the importance of agents in the industry & understand how they impact brokerage success. Get the advice you need to succeed in a competitive market.

Former Employees Sued by Lower for $4M Fraudulent Losses

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This mortgage industry news summary speaks to a recent case of fraud within the sector. Private lenders will be interested to learn that four former employees of Lower were sued for misappropriation of funds - resulting in a financial loss of $4 million. Stay informed and seek expert advice on best practices for mortgage-security.

An effective real estate recruitment process explained.

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This meta description offers valuable insight into optimizing the entire real estate ecosystem. Learn how to use exclusive tactics to attract the best talent in the mortgage industry and keep them engaged. Find out the power of understanding and optimizing every part of the real estate funnel without any dated industry news.

– Predicting When Prices May Peak Home Prices Reach All-Time Highs: Analyzing the Peak Predictions

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As the housing market continues to show resilience, low supply has driven demand for homes even in the face of high mortgage rates. Learn about the advantages and challenges this situation presents to private lenders in this industry analysis.

The Benefits of Investing in Texas Real Estate

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"Discover the cities with the biggest migration inflows and outflows in the United States according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Data. Learn which Texas cities come out on top, and uncover why Austin is an exception."

Compass Adds 2 @properties Brokers in Chicago

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Discover how Anne Hodge and Debra Dobbs are shaking up the Chicago mortgage industry with their move to Compass. With years of experience in the real estate market, they are ready to find the best mortgage solutions for their clients. See how you can benefit from their expertise.

NAR: Women Describe Culture of Fear & Harassment.

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"Discover why 29 current and former leaders of the National Association of Realtors were reporting sexual harassment and a toxic culture of fear. Learn more from the New York Times investigative report involving private lender interviews."

Mortgage Payments Jump 17% to Average $2,162 in July

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National lenders report July purchase applications saw median payment up $318 year-on-year: MBA. Education on strategies & trends in private lending to make informed decisions - get the inside scoop here.

Home Sales Continue to Climb Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

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Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership Despite Rising Rates: Private lenders can help build the dream of home ownership even in today's uncertain market with higher mortgage rates. Home buyers and builders alike are finding success in meeting their goals through the innovative programs offered by private lenders. Let new home ownership become your reality now.

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