Execs Discuss Transition from Black Knight, Innovation in Mortgage Tech Sector

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Dark Matter Technologies recently acquired Black Knight Origination Technologies, promising no rise in price to customers. Get an expert review of the deal and its implications for private lenders, direct from an industry insider.

Single-Family Rental Prices Rising Across Lower Range

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"According to CoreLogic researchers, low-end single-family rental properties saw impressive returns in July – up by 4.6% on an annual basis. This was a notable jump from the growth of 2.3% for high-end rentals. Discover the impact of this rental growth and its implications for private lenders."

Realtors: Is the Marketplace at a Turning Point?

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This Realtor Marketplace Offers Fairness and Efficiency to Private Lenders Learn about the Realtor Marketplace, and the benefits it provides to private lenders. Gain insight into the multiple listing service and the Realtor association oversight that helps to support it, as well as the majority of brokerage firms and sales agents. Investigate how these measures create an environment of fairness and efficiency for private lenders.

: Look out for buyers overpaying Home Prices Spike: Watch Out for Buyers Paying Too Much

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Housing inventory volatility continues to drive the market! Discover what changed in two weeks - an increase of 9470 active listings across the USA. Gain insight from a mortgage industry expert on the implications for private lenders.

Guaranteed Rate Affinity Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Originators Over Unpaid Compensation

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"Former loan originators are facing accusations from Guaranteed Rate Affinity of breach of contract due to allegations that they have failed to repay signing bonuses and commissions after leaving the company. Mortgage industry experts have the inside scoop on this news."

Mortgage Rates on the Rebound After Two Weeks of Decline

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Mortgage rates continue to stay above 7% even as investors focus on the potential impact of increasing headline inflation prior to next week's announcement from the Federal Reserve. Get expert insights on this important development and what it might mean for private lenders.

Realtors Targeted with Lead Generation Kit by Realtor.com

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"Realtors can now out-maneuver Zillow with Realtor.com's Agent Tool Kit; find out how private lender industry professionals can make the most of this innovative listing platform for optimal success."

Firm in Washington Joins RE/MAX for Mortgage Origination

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The Real Estate Collective becomes RE/MAX The Collective: Yakima, Washington-based brokerage joins RE/MAX to offer clients better resources & 17 agents lead by Haley Larson. Become part of a worldwide network of estate agents & learn how private lenders can help you.

Home Sales Dip, Prices Stable

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This Wall Street Journal editorial is missing the mark. The truth is home prices are only fractionally higher than last year. Find out why government programs to help homebuyers and students are nowhere near as bad as suggested by the piece. Learn more about how private lenders are affected.

Freddie Mac CEO Michael DeVito to Retire in 4 Years

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Freddie Mac CEO Michael DeVito To Retire in Early 2024 - Insider Report for Private Lenders. Learn about the recent announcement from Freddie Mac that the company's CEO Michael DeVito will be retiring in the first quarter of 2024. Get the details on why he's leaving and what this means for private lenders.

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