Standard Servicing

New Notes/Loans
Fixed Rate First or Second
Seller Carry Back Financing
Installment Sale
Set Up Fee – One Time 

Servicing Fee – Per Payment Servicing Fee 

Included in Fee for Payment Processing

• Welcome Letter to Borrower
• Collect payments owed to you
• Payments are processed daily
• All disbursements paid out (after clearing)
• Deposit of funds into your bank account or sent wherever you direct
• (ACH) direct deposit to Lender’s account
• Provide you with monthly statements
• Keep an accurate record of every payment made and every disbursement
• Balloon payment notification
• Provide year-end financial accounting required for IRS (1098 and 1099)
• Pay all postage and telephone calls
• Late Notices
• Document Custodial Service
• “On Line” Access to your account 24/7

Impound /Escrow Servicing

Set Up Impound /Escrow – One Time

Servicing Fee – Per Payment Servicing Fee
Servicing with Impound/Escrow

Explanation of Escrow/Impound Set Up and Servicing

• When the Lender requires the borrower to pay sums in addition to principal and interest to satisfy other obligations that become due and payable after the close of the loan, an $10.00 fee is added to the one time Set Up Fee.
• When the borrower’s payment includes amounts for the payment of Property Taxes and/or Hazard Insurance, NSC will collect and hold those proceeds in a trust account and disburse the scheduled payments to the respective authority as scheduled. The fee is per loan and will be added to the loan servicing fee.
• Impound/Escrow Set up and Servicing includes the Initial Analysis and Statement and Annual Analysis and Statement.

All Inclusive Trust Deeds (AITD) and Other Types of Note Servicing requiring the payment of an Underlying Mortgagee.

Set Up Fee per Note
Servicing Fee per Payment

Explanation of All Inclusive (AITD) and Underlying Loan Servicing

When Notes are submitted for Servicing such as All-Inclusive Notes (AITD) and other loans requiring the payment of an underlying mortgage, it is necessary we have contact information, account number and proper mailing address of the Underlying Mortgage in order to make the payment. Please complete an “Underlying Payment Input Sheet” with your package along with the payment coupon you typically receive from the Underlying Mortgagee. This form can be found on our website
Additionally, The Note Servicing Center requires one additional payment in advance to be sent with the initial set up, to hold in escrow for these types of notes. The purpose of this advance (additional) payment is to mitigate the occurrence of late fee being assessed by the Underlying Mortgagee or Beneficiary if the payment dates do not coincide. (A problem intrinsic to this type of arrangement)

Other Specialized Servicing

• Multi-Investor Loans (aka Fractionated Loans)
• Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
• Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
• Contract for Deed (Land Contract, Contract of Sale)

Custom Servicing

• Mortgage Pool and LLC Servicing
• Private Labeling Out-Sourcing (Broker Keeps Portion of Fee)
• Non-Performing Notes Loans

Status Definitions

• New Loans: Any loan that has just been closed. The originating Broker/Lender may have funded the Investor at closing or may have funded the loan himself and will sell or assign the loan later. The Broker may have a Note Rate and a Sold Rate. For example the note may have a note rate of 14%, but is being sold to the investor for 12%, with the broker keeping 2%. The sold rate is 12% as additional monthly compensation. The Broker/Company will continue to monitor the loan through NSC, and provide guidance to the Investor.
• Performing Loans: A loan that is current, one or two months delinquent. Modified loans and loans that is making payments but are behind in payments.
• Non Performing Loans: A loan that is three months or more delinquent. The status for each loan should be disclosed when loan information is being transmitted to authorized party.
• Loan Pools: – LLC’s: A group of loans that may be performing, non performing or mixed.

Types Of Notes Loans We Service

• Residential
• Land
• Commercial Real Estate
• Mobile Home on Land
• Mobile Home Notes
• Seller Financing
• Intra-Family Loans
• Pension Fund for IRA Investors

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