Go Mortgage, an online mortgage lender, recently filed a lawsuit alleging corporate sabotage by its former capital markets director. According to the suit, the former director caused millions of dollars in financial losses by acquiescing to a vendor that violated policies and procedures and by failing to investigate or stop the intrusions into the lender’s systems.

The suit alleges that the former director took part in a “scheme and conspiracy” by allowing a vendor to access the company’s systems and databases illegally. The vendor was also accused of using unauthorized and/or inaccurate data in the lender’s system without authorization and of failing to follow prudent procedures. Go Mortgage claims that the director was aware of the vendor’s improper actions but failed to take action.

Important Elements:
• Go Mortgage alleged corporate sabotage by its former capital markets director
• Vendor accused of unlawfully accessing company systems and databases; using unauthorized data and failing to follow prudent procedures
• Director accused of knowledge of improper activities but failing to take action
• Company suing for millions of dollars in financial losses caused by the director’s actions

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/go-mortgage-sues-former-capital-markets-director-for-corporate-sabotage/(subscription required)

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