Mortgage Rates Increase, But Slated to Decrease in Autumn

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The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been steadily climbing, but housing economists say that rates could be on their way back down in the near future. Get detailed insights into the effects of this trend on private lenders and the housing market from an experienced mortgage industry expert.

loanDepot Settles Securities Class Action Suit for $3.5M

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This professional mortgage industry expert provides insights into the recent class action lawsuit against loanDepot. Gain a behind-the-scenes look into the details of the case and how it impacts the mortgage industry. Find out the latest settlement developments and how they affect private lenders from the foremost authority in the business.

Chad Hedrick on Benefits of Real Estate Teams

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This adrenaline-packed meta description will draw in readers looking to learn more about Olympic gold medalist Sean Hedrick's journey to the real estate industry. Learn how this speed skating star's training and team-building skills prepared him for success as the CEO of a private real estate team. Follow Sean's track to greater success!

Mortgage Lenders: Prioritizing Company Culture

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Safeguard morale and productivity among employees with reconnection, inclusivity and transparency. Discover how these strategies can help private lenders foster business growth in difficult times, without sacrificing morale.

Mortgage Applications Decline 3.1%

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The mortgage application rate takes a dip as mortgage rates rise. 30-year fixed mortgages have reached their highest point since November 222, bringing tough news for private lenders. Find out the latest trends and tips for navigating the mortgage market.

loanDepot Reports Narrower Losses as Margin Growth Continues

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"LoanDepot experienced a fifth consecutive quarterly loss in Q2, but their financials are heading in the right direction. Discover how the future looks for the leading private lender as they look to improve their financial performance."

US Home Prices Reach Record Highs in 30 Largest Markets: Black Knight Report

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With Home Prices On the Rise, The Latest Report From Black Knight Is Showing a Positive Trend in National Housing Market - Get the Facts and Learn What This Means for Future of Private Lenders. and Bradford Tech partner for integrated appraisal solutions.

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Integrate two top-of-the-line appraisal technologies with and Bradford Technologies. Streamline your mortgage approvals and reduce turnaround times with this revolutionary appraisal partnership - now available to private lenders. Get ahead of the game with this innovative new partnership to make your mortgage process the best in the business.

Coldwell Banker Premier expands into Maryland.

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Coldwell Banker Premier announces an exciting merger with Coldwell Banker Professional Real Estate Services that expands its office footprint into Cumberland, Maryland and surrounding markets--growing its real estate services to even more clients and communities. Merging with Coldwell Banker Professional Real Estate Services is the sixth time Coldwell Banker Premier has teamed up for growth since the beginning of 2021, and the team looks forward to continuing to expand its services to even more people.

to maximize success Real Estate Agents: Unlocking Success with Essential Skills

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Real estate agents who work hard to hone their negotiation skills are better at understanding buyer or seller interests and motivations to close deals quickly and favorably. Learn how to refine your negotiation strategies to get the best results in no time.

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