Commissioner Gordon Focuses on Significant Policy Changes for Private Mortgage Insurance and Housing Market

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"Commissioners and private lenders are focusing on important changes to mortgage insurance, home buying and lender policies. Get the facts on this key shift and discover how it will impact the future of housing and financial options.

Navigating Rising Mortgage Rates and Low Inventories in the Housing Market

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Secure the perfect home without overspending and know what to look for! Our team of private lenders are ready to provide you with guidance on successfully navigating the housing market despite rising mortgage rates and low inventories. Get the advice you need to make the right move.

Black Knight’s Integrated Mortgage Platform to Enable eClosings and Digital Note Delivery

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Stay ahead of the technology curve with Black Knight's integrated mortgage platform. Create and sign your eClosings digitally, securely, and conveniently. Get the most efficient mortgage closing process and take advantage of fast, paperless digital note delivery.

Rick Seehausen Joins Lauramac’s Leadership Team as Chief Strategy Officer

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Welcome to Lauramac's ever-evolving Leadership Team. Joining us is Chief Strategy Officer Rick Seehausen, a results-driven thought leader bringing his wealth of experience to our team. We're set to benefit from his pioneering approach to strategy and creating successful business outcomes.

Successful Real Estate Transaction Completed with Click n’ Close Digital Mortgage Solution

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"Click n' Close makes it convenient to complete successful real estate transactions. Our digital mortgage solution lets you close quickly & securely from wherever you are. Make the most of your success - click today!"

Housing Market Shifts: Limited Inventory and Rising Prices Across the Nation

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" Looking for the latest on the housing market? Discover where to look for limited inventory opportunities and price trends. Get the insider scoop without selling your soul! #HousingMarket #RealEstate #Investment"

Ready for a Comeback: Assumable Mortgages Post Recession

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"Are you looking to buy a home after the recession? An assumable mortgage can help you get the best value for your money. Get details on the process and tips to make your post-recession home purchase a success!"

Rithm’s Conservative Strategies Pay Off Amid Market Uncertainty

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"Unfazed by market volatility, Rithm's conservative approach to private lending yields impressive returns. Benefit from their experience and take control of uncertain times. Get the security you need with Rithm building your portfolio today!"

Geraci LLP Litigation Celebrates One-Year Win Streak Under Head Steven Ernest

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Steven Ernest, head of Geraci LLP Litigation, celebrates a full year of wins for the legal team. Get the latest on this amazing streak and find out how it affects the industry. Experience cutting edge legal protection for your business today.

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