Nosalek Plaintiffs Granted Permission to Join Commission Lawsuit Settlements

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"Uncover the latest advancements in private lending as Anywhere and RE/MAX reach agreement terms in Nosalek, Sitzer/Burnett, and Moehrl lawsuits, shaping the future of the industry."

Judge Denies Request for Judgment as a Matter of Law in HomeServices Lawsuit

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Private lenders take notice! HomeServices executives gather to declare they do not provide operational advice or influence commission decisions for franchisees. Get the scoop from an industry expert on this important news and what it means for private lenders.

Preventing Homeowner Insurance Crisis: An Opinion

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With mortgage loan defaults on the rise, lenders are now faced with an overhaul of the homeowners insurance market. Private lenders are searching for practical solutions to the problems that have come with an increasingly uncertain environment. Discover innovative strategies so you can protect yourself from a potential catastrophic mortgage market meltdown.

Rise in New Home Sales Despites Affordability Challenges

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Discover the bright side of the mortgage market with news that new home sales exceeded projections in September! Despite mortgage rates at a 23-year high, declining mortgage applications and waning builder confidence, the sales pace of new homes picked up considerably. Learn how this could indicate renewed consumer confidence in the housing market.

Reform Federal Regulators Reviewing Proposed Updates to CRA Reforms

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Discover how the recent Federal Regulators Update to CRA impacts private lenders and their mortgage industry. An in-depth review of the nearly 1,500-page final rule by the American Bankers Association will help navigate these changes.

RealScout Offers Seller Lead Nurture Support

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RealScout unveils major updates, giving home sellers & buyers a better experience. Partnership with Zillow helps harnesses the power of Machine Learning to the seller’s journey, offering unprecedented insights. Find ideal properties & get the most out of a home purchase with RealScout.

Maximizing Real Estate Success Through Key Partnerships

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Learn how forming local market partnerships with highly experienced professionals can help private lenders enhance their business and provide even better customer service. Leverage the power of networking to create an unbeatable team.

US Home Buyers Need $115K to Compete in Tough Housing Market.

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The cost of buying a home in the United States has hit the highest level in more than a decade, with the median-priced U.S. home requiring an annual income of $114,627, according to Redfin. This marks an increase of 15% from one year ago [...]

Opinion: Misconceptions behind Class-Action Commission Lawsuits

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Need unbiased facts about recent class-action lawsuits targeting mortgage industry professionals? Learn why private lending won't suffer in the wake & why consumers still favor experiential lenders over discount brokerages. Get the facts today.

Scott Smith Discusses Long-Term Goals & Mortgage Tech Competition with Optimal Blue.

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"Scott Smith, interim CEO of Optimal Blue and co-president of the Romulus Portfolio of Perseus Group of Constellation Software, reveals his long-term vision for the mortgage industry in this exclusive Q&A. Get the inside scoop on how Smith plans to shape the future of the industry with HousingWire."

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