Mortgage App Volume Drops by 0.8% Last Week

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A recent increase in the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has caused mortgage applications to decline for the 4th week in a row. Understand the implications for private lenders & how to adjust for it. Get the best insight on mortgages from an industry expert.

Maui Fire Worries Highlight Affordable Housing Shortage

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Explore the affected areas on Maui amid an increasing housing crisis. Will Maui's displaced homeowners and land-seekers be able to achieve a better future? Discover what experts are saying about the current state of Hawaii's housing market.

Low-Income Access to High Opportunity Neighborhoods Diminishing

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"The price of a typical home purchased in high-opportunity U.S. neighborhoods was $470,000 in 2022 - $130,000 more than in low-opportunity areas. Learn more about the significant housing gap for private lenders from the Redfin report. Keep reading to find out more.

Mortgage Rates Surge, Rate Lock Activity Decreases

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Purchase lending remains the most prominent form of mortgage activity in the market, accounting for 88% of all loan locks. Year over year, purchase lock counts have dropped a significant 27%. Get the latest insights and information from a trusted mortgage industry expert.

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Real Estate Marketing

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It creates entirely new opportunities in the private lending industry - for better financial security and more reliable returns. This blog offers insights into how this evolving tech space could shape new trends and strategies.

Million-dollar Homes Represent near 10% of Market with Rising Property Prices

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Discover the surprising facts on US real estate: Nearly 1 in 10 houses are worth over $1 million. Learn more about the affluent state of the US real estate market and explore trends in house prices. Get insights from the experts on the higher-end of the housing market. IPO Proposal Gains Approval

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For experienced mortgage industry professionals in New York, now's the time to find out about the public offering of Discover how this digital lender, almost two years after its initial plan, is making its way to the stock market via a SPAC merger with Aurora Acquisition Corporation. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Finance Watchdogs to Combat Real Estate Money Laundering

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Dynamic and compelling meta description for private lenders to stay informed: Uncover the truth about anonymous luxury home purchases in the U.S., as the Treasury Department looks to end these transactions in the near future. Read on to learn why it matters to private lenders.

Wells Fargo launches down payment grant for homebuyers of $10K.

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Wells Fargo's Homebuyer Access grant program offers potential homebuyers with a combined 120% or less of the area median income an opportunity to buy their first home. Access up to $75,000 in grants in eight US metros. Learn how to make homeownership within reach.

Lender Toolkit Sues 2 Lenders for Not Paying Mortgages

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"Settle in for insight into the legal case that has the private lender world buzzing. Discover why Lender Toolkit took legal action against Celebrity Home Loans and MLD Mortgage for breach of contract. Get the details about the dispute and its potential impact on the industry today."

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