MBA Appoints George Rogers to Lobby GOP Senators

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MBA appoints new VP to advocate for homeownership with Republican senators. This VP will focus on building controversial policy changes that strengthen the mortgage industry. Grow your business with the mortgage industry's latest expert-crafted lobbying strategies.

Host Real Estate Workshops: Tips for Buyers & Sellers

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"Real estate professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help make the buying and selling process easier. By hosting educational workshops, they can impart invaluable insight that reduces stress and helps people feel more confident in their transactions."

PennyMac, RoundPoint Suffer Data Breach.

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"Mortgage Industry Experts Reveal Data Breach at Pennymac Loan Services and RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing. Discover why customers were exposed to compromised data and how to best protect your information from the effects of a breach. Read on for expert advice."

John Davis Sues Gary Keller for Racketeering

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Discover the latest legal hurdles facing real estate giant Keller Williams & its co-founder Gary Keller. Learn more about the second lawsuit filed by former KW CEO John Davis, including the defendants named and the legal proceedings taking place in Texas. Find out what this could mean for the future of Keller Williams.

Redfin’s Adam Wiener Resigns as President of Real Estate Services

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Adam Weiner's Resignation as Redfin's President of Real Estate Services - Get details on the real estate services industry leader's departure that marks the end of his 16 years of service at Redfin. Read now to explore the impact of his exit on real estate companies nationwide.

Demand Trends for Housing – Logan Mohtashami Explains Impact of Interest Rates on Home Supply and Demand

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"HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami appeared on CNBC to give insights into the state of the US housing market. Get an expert analysis on the private lending market and what the future may hold from an industry leader."

Real Brokerage lands top Phoenix team

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David Newman Partners - Arizona's leading private loan experts. Get mortgage solutions from The Real Brokerage's dedicated 12-member team, led by the experienced David Newman. Solutions that work for your financial goals and real estate dreams.

Compass Connecticut Office Welcomes Leslie Clarke Team from William Raveis

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"The Leslie Clarke Team is making a big move! A top-rated small agent team in Connecticut as recognized by RealTrends, The Leslie Clarke Team has joined the Connecticut office of Compass. With this move, private lenders can access unrivaled expertise and industry insight from one of the best in the business."

The Benefits of Investing in Texas Real Estate

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"Discover the cities with the biggest migration inflows and outflows in the United States according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Data. Learn which Texas cities come out on top, and uncover why Austin is an exception."

Boost Real Estate Web Traffic with Specificity

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This Meta Description For Private Lenders: Explore the benefits of patience in the mortgage industry with an expert look into the world of private lending. Learn how to use key tactics to maximize success with short- and long-term strategies for your investments.

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