Rocket Mortgage to Hire 500 Remote LOs by 2023

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Rocket Mortgages, a private lender, plans to hire 500 new loan originators to aid their presence in the purchase market. Keep up with the latest trends in the mortgage industry to make sure you are making the best decisions for your clients. IPO Proposal Gains Approval

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For experienced mortgage industry professionals in New York, now's the time to find out about the public offering of Discover how this digital lender, almost two years after its initial plan, is making its way to the stock market via a SPAC merger with Aurora Acquisition Corporation. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Finance Watchdogs to Combat Real Estate Money Laundering

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Dynamic and compelling meta description for private lenders to stay informed: Uncover the truth about anonymous luxury home purchases in the U.S., as the Treasury Department looks to end these transactions in the near future. Read on to learn why it matters to private lenders.

Low-Cost Real Estate Brokerages Making Strides in the Market

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"Private lenders can get the best of both worlds with flat-fee brokers. Agents under their flag get to keep 100% of their commissions and have the flexibility to choose how to structure their services while meeting the needs of the borrower."

Mortgage Delinquencies Reach Lowest Level in Over 40 Years

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This news shows the economy is improving: Get the scoop from a mortgage industry expert on the MBA's report & its impact on private lenders -- a key factor in the current economic outlook.

CertifID Explains Increase in Mortgage Payoff Fraud of over 500%

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"Secure a bigger return on your investment with vigilance against mortgage payoff fraud. Learn more from a mortgage industry expert on how to protect your interests without sacrificing convenience and profits."

Mortgage Applications Decline 3.1%

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The mortgage application rate takes a dip as mortgage rates rise. 30-year fixed mortgages have reached their highest point since November 222, bringing tough news for private lenders. Find out the latest trends and tips for navigating the mortgage market.

Jumbo Mortgages Reach Turning Point in Market

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The jumbo mortgage market has seen a dramatic downturn in recent years, which has been costly for banks and other depositories. Jumbo mortgages refer to mortgages which exceed certain thresholds on loan amount, recently set at $510,400. This two-part series takes a deep dive [...]

Planet Home Lending grows origination volume by double digits amid industry struggles.

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Learn how they navigated the turbulence to expand their offerings to lending professionals. Planet Home Lending's Acquisition Strategy: Growing Opportunities in Challenging Markets. From tech, correspondent and retail channels, learn how a focus on acquisition strategy has enabled this mortgage industry leader to broaden its reach to lending professionals despite headwinds.

US Home Prices Reach Record Highs in 30 Largest Markets: Black Knight Report

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With Home Prices On the Rise, The Latest Report From Black Knight Is Showing a Positive Trend in National Housing Market - Get the Facts and Learn What This Means for Future of Private Lenders.

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