report Rent Increase of 3.3% in June: CoreLogic Report

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Single-family rental growth slows in June - Rent prices increased by 3.3% across the US, the smallest year-over-year change since Autumn 2020. Get the latest news on the US rental market from a Private Lender expert.

Is a Corrective Addendum Right for You?

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Your Private Lender Clients Need to Know: How to Resolve Loan Document Mistakes with Corrective Addendums - Learn what corrective addendums are used for and how they help to legally protect and resolve loan document mistakes. Get the advice you need to protect your clients.

Rep. Waters Calls for Concessions in ICE-Black Knight Settlement

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recently called for greater oversight of private lenders to protect consumers. This news summary explains the potential implications and risks associated with the potential merger for private lenders.

. Mortgage Demand Slumps for Five Straight Weeks.

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Mortgage applications have declined for five weeks in a row, as the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage climbs to a 20-year high of 7.31%. Keep up to date with the latest mortgage news by staying informed on the changing market, so you can make smart investing decisions.

Foreclosures Plunge to 15-Month Low in July

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For mortgage industry news, this meta description will bring private lenders the latest information: Positive mortgage trends are on the rise! Black Knight reports a decline in delinquency and foreclosure rates, indicating strong performance in the mortgage industry. Get up-to-date data on mortgage performance from an industry expert.

Union Home Mortgage Accused of Illegally Terminating Pregnant Worker’s Job

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Understanding the depth of discrimination and the landmark ruling, Union Home Mortgage was recently denied sex discrimination claims made by a former employee who alleged she was fired while pregnant. An examination of the discrimination in the mortgage industry and the implications of the ruling.

Understand Home Prices Before Investing: Smart Tips for Buyers

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Take a look at this guide for private lenders to maximize their listing appointments. Get answers to the 10 important questions that must be asked, and gain valuable insight about pricing strategies, so you can make the most of every listing opportunities.

CHLA Urges FHFA to Keep Mortgage Pricing Stable for Extended Period

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As a Mortgage Industry Expert, learn how the request from CHLA to the FHFA to stop price adjustments due to "short-term transition risk" affects lenders and homeowners. Get the latest on how a potential pause on pricing adjustments could impact private lenders.

Mortgage News: Striking the Right Balance With IMBs

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This week's DataDigest provides an insightful look into the world of mortgage lending. Discover the top lenders, their strategies, and explore when great opportunities may be available for private lenders. Start reading now for an expert guide on mortgage industry news!

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