Chris Lim’s Exit Leaves Hamrick & Van Eck to Lead Christie’s as Co-Presidents

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Natalie Hamrick and Kevin Van Eck to Share Role as Private Lenders' President: Expert insights into industry news for mortgage and real estate professionals. Chris Lim's departure and the new shared role for Natalie and Kevin Van Eck. Be better informed about industry developments.

to offer unparalleled mortgage experience Indie LA Broker Joins Real Brokerage for Exceptional Mortgage Service

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The Real Brokerage's agent network grows with the addition of 40 new Louisiana-based independent District South agents. Strengthened by this new infusion, the broker now boasts 12,000+ agents nationwide. Get the details on this formidable expansion from a mortgage industry expert.

Realtors: Is the Marketplace at a Turning Point?

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This Realtor Marketplace Offers Fairness and Efficiency to Private Lenders Learn about the Realtor Marketplace, and the benefits it provides to private lenders. Gain insight into the multiple listing service and the Realtor association oversight that helps to support it, as well as the majority of brokerage firms and sales agents. Investigate how these measures create an environment of fairness and efficiency for private lenders.

: Look out for buyers overpaying Home Prices Spike: Watch Out for Buyers Paying Too Much

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Housing inventory volatility continues to drive the market! Discover what changed in two weeks - an increase of 9470 active listings across the USA. Gain insight from a mortgage industry expert on the implications for private lenders.

: 2020’s innovation journey The Digital Revolution of Housing: How Far We’ve Come Since the Lehman Crash

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Stuart McFarland, a mortgage industry expert, explains these components and their importance in creating the digital housing platform. Understanding essential components will help private lenders better navigate this crucial shift.

Real Estate Pros Aid First Responders Achieve Homeownership

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This podcast explores how private lenders can recognize the service of first responders and give back to those who have helped us all. Get insight into gratitude-generating real estate options that honor the brave first responders who have worked tirelessly to keep us safe. An essential episode for private lenders looking to support those who have given so much.

Mortgage Rates on the Rebound After Two Weeks of Decline

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Mortgage rates continue to stay above 7% even as investors focus on the potential impact of increasing headline inflation prior to next week's announcement from the Federal Reserve. Get expert insights on this important development and what it might mean for private lenders.

FHA Helps Mortgage Credit Rejects: What impact Does It Have on Loan Officers?

2023-09-15T04:26:10-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Make it easier for prospective borrowers to purchase a home with a FHA loan waiver. Learn how it will help volume-starved private lenders in facilitating a loan despite rejection.

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