Host Real Estate Workshops: Tips for Buyers & Sellers

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"Real estate professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help make the buying and selling process easier. By hosting educational workshops, they can impart invaluable insight that reduces stress and helps people feel more confident in their transactions."

Single-family Home Construction Slows Nationwide in Q2

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This quarter, private lenders across the country witnessed a slowdown in single-family home building, caused by increased mortgage rates, labor and supply shortages. Despite challenges, lenders are still making strides in the industry. Learn how to stay ahead of the competition.

Cerberus Capital to Purchase Spring EQ.

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"Cerberus Capital Management is a New York-based investment firm #looking towards the US market for growth in the #homeequity sector. With #demand on the rise, #Cerberus Capital seeks to seize opportunities and expand its presence in the #mortgage industry."

Introducing the HW Insiders of 2023

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"Discover the operations professionals of the 8th annual HW Insiders program, honored for their role in driving business success. From improved systems, protocols and technology, these 75 honorees are setting the foundation for their organizations' growth and prosperity."

Mortgage Experts: NAR Backs Bob Goldberg at Emergency Meeting

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This news summary provides private lenders with up-to-date knowledge about the National Association of Realtors' Executive Committee's unity to support staff. Learn now how the Executive Committee is creating a brighter future for the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Rule Could Disrupt Racial Homeownership Equality

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mortgage program Housing advocates and big banks have joined forces to offer a new mortgage program that could benefit millions of Americans. With responsible lending requirements, long-term affordability options, and added consumer protection measures that help borrowers make sound financial decisions, this program is squarely focused on the needs of homeowners. Get all the details here.

Freddie Mac Appoints Lillestolen VP of Targeted Affordable Housing

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This Mortgage Industry Expert has helped Freddie Mac's affordable housing goals exceed expectation in 2022. Now, he is proudly recognized as a 2023 Rising Star by HousingWire, making him a leader in the industry. Read the full story to learn more.

Exploring the Benefits of High Mortgage Rates

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An SEO-driven Description that Explores the Recent Mortgage Rate Spike - Private lenders take note: mortgage rates recently soared to their highest levels since 2022—reaching over 7%—and symbolizing a strong economy. Explore how the surge may affect the private sector and what to look for in the market for the remainder of 2023.

Flat-Fee vs. Traditional Real Estate Brokerage – Who Wins?

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An experienced Mortgage Industry Expert provides private lenders with summaries of real estate news. Learn the importance of agents in the industry & understand how they impact brokerage success. Get the advice you need to succeed in a competitive market.

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