Christie’s to Launch Luxury Austin Brokerage

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"Christie's International Real Estate takes luxury Austin real estate to a new level. Make sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming affiliate this fall for unique, high-end opportunities in one of the country's hottest markets!"

Mortgage Rates Remain Steady at 7.2%, Fed Holds Off On Hikes

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Mortgage rates remain high with both lenders and borrowers digesting the news from the Federal Reserve meeting earlier this week. Learn more about how the markets are reacting and what to expect in current mortgage rates. Get the latest insights from mortgage industry experts.

LOs Now Available 24/7 with Guaranteed Rate’s Mobile App.

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, anywhere This mobile app provides the cutting-edge technology private lenders need to stay competitive in the mortgage industry. PowerVP enables lenders to lock in mortgage rates and send pre-approval letters to buyers any time, from any location - so buyers have the freedom to purchase faster and smarter.

Compare Housing Market Performance: Booms and Busts

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This summary covers the current housing market according to a recent report from CoreLogic. It explains how western states are experiencing annual declines while Midwestern and Northeastern states are still thriving. Learn more about this house price index and what it means for mortgage lending in those areas.

Avoid Court Trouble: Tips for Staying Afloat Financially

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Discover how to lawsuit-proof your loan files and avoid costly litigation with expert advice! Learn key underwriting tips from a mortgage industry expert and keep your business out of court.

Indy Brokerage DPP Real Estate Joins Compass in SoCal

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"Gain insight into the latest boutique brokerage's move to join Compass - DPP @ Compass. As a part of their partnership, the DPP Real Estate firm will be provided with recruiting efforts from Compass. Learn more about what this affiliation means for Compass and the potential implications for private lenders."

Real Estate Agents: Understanding Appraisals

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Learn what appraisers look for when evaluating the value of a property, from the basics to more specialized requirements. Discover what to watch out for when commissioning a private lender appraisal, from understanding the process to thoroughly checking your results. Learn what mortgages private lenders offer and how to assess their value for yourself.

Slower Housing Market Driven by Shifting Homebuyer Preferences

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Make sure your home stands out despite depressed sales each week! With only 59,000 new sales pending, and inventory growing faster than last year – it's more important than ever to make sure your home stands out. Learn how to maximize your home's appeal and find advantage in today's market. Find the insight and knowledge you need to succeed.

Permit Activity Suggests Homebuilding Turnaround Ahead

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"Get the latest summary of private lender housing news! Learn the facts behind the August U.S. Census Bureau's seasonally annual housing rate of just over 1 million starts. Discover what’s driving the decreasing housing market trends, and how they affect your business."

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