The “Subject To” Mortgage – Risks and Rewards

2022-07-05T05:49:24-07:00Articles, Timely|

Recently, while performing our duties as a servicing agent for promissory notes and contracts, we have noticed a proliferation of transactions involving; taking title to property "subject to" an existing loan, all inclusive notes wrapping around an existing note and Contracts of Sale (sometimes [...]

Survival In Tough Times – Using Entreprenura Skills

2022-07-05T05:39:03-07:00Articles, Timely|

Many "old-timers" will recall the year of 1979, when interest on real estate loans soared higher and higher, then finally skyrocketed exponentially almost overnight to over 20%. Jimmy Carter was President at the time and in late October of that year the Stock Market [...]

Stabilize the Ladder of Life before Climbing the Ladder of Success

2022-07-05T05:38:42-07:00Articles, Timely|

Last summer we had gophers up the "gump stump" terrorizing annual flowerbeds, perennials, shrubs and our new turf. Actually destroying everything green and living in, on and under the ground. Our defense included high impact bombs, guided underground missiles, gopher gassers, laser beams and [...]

The Great American Dream Start A Business Of Your Own

2022-07-05T05:41:33-07:00Articles, Timely|

People Start Businesses for all kinds of reasons. Do any of the following reasons sound familiar? " I hate working for someone else", I'm sick of working in the corporate environment with all the attendant bureaucracy, my income is limited, I want to have [...]

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