Let Genie Out of The Bottle With Liquid Paper!

2022-07-05T05:21:06-07:00Articles, Timely|

Real estate investing is a simple matter of trading benefits between principal parties. But most people who buy and sell real estate are never able to relate to this concept. Strangely enough, many real estate investors have failed to fully understand this concept as [...]

Retire Cash Flow may be the Best Retirement Plan Available

2022-07-05T05:33:10-07:00Articles, Timely|

William Hutchings, who is not old enough to retire in the traditional sense, works two days a week and enjoys spending the other five days any way he wants to. Tom and Roberta Standen are in their 70s and continue to work their cash [...]

How to Close Every Deal, Even in a Slow Market

2022-07-05T04:47:20-07:00Articles, Timely|

For real estate agents, business brokers, and mobile home dealers and brokers, seller-carryback financing can make the difference between a "sold" or an "expired" listing. This is particularly so in certain economic cycles, like the one we are entering NOW! A majority of listings [...]

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