Private mortgage lending can be an extremely lucrative way to invest your money.

This eBook will present to you things that you need to take into account when you are a private mortgage investor. Include them in your strategy if you don’t want your great investment to turn out to be your worst nightmare.

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5 things you must have in your private loan
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At Note Servicing Center we know that you want to be assured that your investment in private mortgage loans is being handled properly. We are Your Trusted Partner in Servicing. This is our main expertise!

5 things you must have in your private loan

With over 30 year experience in servicing private mortgage loans, we’ve seen people miss out on over $100,000 in additional revenue by not using the tips on how to make more money on their private notes.

We’ve deal with every type of loan imaginable, including:

  • Residential Loans

  • Commercial Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Bridge Loans

  • Multi-Lender (Fractionated) Loans

  • Graduated Term Mortgage

  • Section 32 Loans

  • Impounded Loans

5 things you must have in your private loan

Download this Ebook and learn about the 5 required items for a great investment

You shouldn’t mismanage your investments because you ignore these 5 essential things. We put them at your disposal in a concise and precise document that you can easily use as a guide with each step you take as an investor. Do not take more risks. Become a master in mortgage loans.