How Lenders Can further Improve the Business Model in 2022


Lenders are looking to take advantage of anticipated downtime by upgrading their internal processes as 2022 proves to be a difficult year for the lending industry. Lenders compete for time and resources all the time. The last two years have been spent completing, shipping, [...]

Appraisal Modernization: A Top Priority for Lenders

2022-06-02T06:52:14-07:00Private Money Lending|

According to a Fannie Mae study released in mid-May, mortgage lenders find benefits in appraisal modernization, particularly in introducing non-traditional appraisals and inspection-based appraisal exemptions. However, when it comes to what they are investing in, they have a few more important considerations. 94% of [...]

CFPB Wants Lenders to Disclose Reasons for Denial of Credit


After investigating whether companies claiming exemption because they rely on "complex algorithms" violated federal anti-discrimination law, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirmed on Thursday, May 23rd, that all lenders must explain their rationale when denying credit to loan applicants. According to legal experts, the [...]

How Loan Brokers can Reach More and New Borrowers with Non-QM

2022-05-31T06:10:45-07:00Private Money Lending|

Due to increasing interest rates, agency loan originations are down dramatically this year. Fannie Mae has reduced its forecasted number of single-family mortgage originations for 2022 from $3 trillion to $2.8 trillion. As a result, many brokers resort to non-QM to boost their income [...]

How Mortgage Lenders are Navigating Life at 6%

2022-06-30T07:52:20-07:00Private Money Lending|

Lenders, Loan Originators, and economists all over the country expect more margin compression and layoffs across the industry. It is expected that originations will decline even further due to the current tough economic situation affecting the industry. The markets have been rocked to their [...]

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