Dodd-Frank’s Effect on Hard Money Lending

2022-01-11T02:28:49-08:00Private Money Lending|

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in response to the financial crisis and recession that hit the economy of the United States. The act was designed to protect customers against predatory [...]

What You Need to Know about Consumer Bridge Loans

2022-01-11T02:27:57-08:00Private Money Lending|

In a bid to diversify their portfolio, most hard money lenders whose primary focus is on business-purpose loans consider consumer bridge loans at some point. However, most still find it difficult to understand what qualifies as a bridge loan and apply consumer protection regulations. [...]

Seller Carry-Back Financing Options

2022-01-11T02:27:04-08:00Private Money Lending|

A buyer may occasionally request that a seller take back a promissory note ("Note Payable") on a real estate purchase. "Seller financing" or a "seller carry-back" refers to this strategy where the seller effectively acts as the lender. When negotiating a real estate transaction, [...]

What License Do You Need as A California Lender?

2022-01-11T02:40:54-08:00Private Money Lending|

As an individual looking to operate successfully in the private lending business in the state of California, it is crucial to be well informed about the necessary licenses required by the state before one can commence operation. The two primary licenses needed to commence [...]

How Networking Can Grow Your Company as a Private Lender

2022-01-11T02:41:47-08:00Private Money Lending|

Building your company as a private lender is a herculean task, one that can not be done just through one's client base. Therefore, it is very important to grow your professional network to build your lending portfolio. Furthermore, networking with like-minded individuals helps to [...]

Table Funding and Selling Loans for Private Lenders

2022-01-11T02:42:21-08:00Private Money Lending|

Private lending is as old as religion, especially with shreds of evidence in the holy books. Even though the concept remains that there is a lender, a borrower, a loan amount known as the principal, and an interest to be repaid alongside the loan, [...]

A Practical Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions in Private Lending

2022-01-11T02:42:49-08:00Private Money Lending|

The majority of private lending businesses are small in size, owned and managed by entrepreneurs. As a result, the industry has not effectively witnessed its fair share of consolidation in the past. Furthermore, there is an almost existential contradiction between financial prospects and self-employment. [...]

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