With this year being Note Servicing Center’s 35th year anniversary, our marketing staff has conducted a series of twelve Q&A questions with the owner of Note Servicing Center, Roberta Standen, and its CEO, Thomas Standen. We will be sharing one Q&A every month with our monthly newsletter.

As their leadership and knowledge in the industry has grown immensely over the past 35 years, take a glimpse into how Note Servicing Center has expanded and developed since its opening in 1984.

Question #1: This year we celebrate Note Servicing Center’s 35th Anniversary. What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about that?

A. This anniversary is both exciting and a somber one for me. It is exciting to know our company has made it through so many highs and lows in the market.  We have made it through four recessions and four comebacks.  It is truly something special to know that my grandfather believed in a viable and valuable business for the real estate lending segment of our industry, and we have now been a successful business for 35 years.  I sincerely wish he could be here now to see what we have built from our humble beginnings to the company we have become now.

Question #2: What are some of your fondest memories with Note Servicing Center?

Roberta: “A fond memory for me goes back to what triggered Note Servicing Center being born. Tom (founder of N.S.C.) accepted the appointment wherein a Real Estate Broker, had arranged for private financing. The Broker then put together a multi-investor (fractionated) note with 165, yes you read this right, One Hundred Sixty-Five (165) Investors in the note.  Obviously to most reading this, the note was created in violation of the Federal SEC rules and regulations which allowed (at the time) only 50 investors and the CA laws which limited the investors to 35. To make a long story short, Tom was required to divide the monthly payment of $700.00 and write 165 checks on a monthly basis.

Times were tough, rates were high, but people still wanted/needed to purchase a home.  Tom stepped into this market to help people achieve their dream of home ownership by drawing the documents needed to get the financing they needed, and at the same time, helping people sell their home and move on with their lives.  California Equity Corporation was born in 1984 to do just this.  As agents in the Standen Company sold real estate, CEC would underwrite and originate the seller financing needed to complete the purchase. However, as time went on many of the sellers were coming back to Tom asking the same questions we get today.  ‘Now that I have this loan what do I do?’. Many of the people in Mariposa are working class people and were not schooled in finance as Tom was. As a result, when a borrower paid late, or more than the regular monthly payment, or just wanted a payoff, they were not sure what to do next.  After hearing this time and time again, Tom decided to add loan servicing to the list of services offered by CEC.  From this, the idea of Note Servicing Center was born. The vision for the company was not a grand money-making opportunity, many loan servicers will tell you it’s a volume play, unfortunately there were/still are less than 20,000 people in Mariposa county, volume was not the driver here.  The vision for our business was helping others, and it always has been. It’s what drives our people to come to work each day. Even now, 35 years later, the number of loans we service is higher, but the vision Tom had when he started this company lives on. We are now able to help more people than ever before thanks to our office and support staff.”

Thomas: “It was something special to be able to spend 11 years working closely with my grandfather, Tom.  Something you have to remember, from 2003 to 2014 there were only a select few working in the office. I was in the office from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm every day, and many weekends were spent at conferences.  I would come in early so Tom (Sr.) and I could talk about various issues we faced as a company, with the market place, and sometimes the country as a whole.  I learned a lot during these times. Just imagine spending time with your favorite teacher in school and being able to talk and ask whatever question you wanted or needed to and get an answer.  That is basically what this time was for, it was for me.  I was able to listen to Tom as he dealt with clients, both happy and very angry, this is really where I learned how to deal with people by phone rejoicing with the fortunate and calming the apprehensive.  But I think the best memories are those of my family in our office.  Working with family is very, very challenging, however one of the nice things is your family always comes first.  When my wife and I were newly married she was always welcome in the office, and when we had our kids they were encouraged to come up.  I still try to keep those traditions alive, even though we do not have as many family members working here now.   I still let my office staff know that their family comes first.  The time you spend in the office, while very important to me and our clients, is far less important than the time you spend with your family.

Question #3: What has been the most rewarding factor of starting NSC?

Thomas: “It sounds like I’m making this up, but the most rewarding factor of starting NSC is helping our customers, working everyday alongside my employees, and really just getting to do something new every day.  Many people think what we do every day is mundane or boring.  Nothing could be further from the truth. There is always something that needs to be resolved, an unexpected issue that needs to be resolved, or a puzzle that needs to be solved.  With the constant changes to state and federal regulations, software updates, and customer issues, there is never a dull moment.”

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Question #4: How has NSC grown over the past 35 years in external factors (to the business world)? Internal factors (within the company)?